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Food is not just a meal, but it is more than just a meal.Food on wheels is a mobile food truck that travels to feed the poor people and children who live in the slums and remote villages of northern states of India. It provides nutritious mid-day meals in schools as well. It also delivers basic education training to children from impoverished communities of slums and remote villages without any disparities along with feeding them nutritious food.

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Food on Wheels Life School is our innovative initiative, extending beyond meals to shape brighter futures. Committed to holistic development, we blend nourishment with education, empowering communities with knowledge and skills. Through engaging programs, we instill a love for learning, providing a foundation for a lifetime of success. Our Life School is a beacon of hope, offering not only sustenance but also transformative educational experiences. Join us on this journey, where every meal becomes a stepping stone towards empowerment, breaking the cycle of hunger and enriching lives with the tools for a self-sufficient and prosperous future

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Your contribution powers 'Food on Wheels,' bringing meals and hope to those in need. Join us in the journey to nourish communities on wheels. Every donation makes a difference, one plate at a time. Let's roll out kindness together.

Serving love, sharing lunch, and spreading the joy of learning – that's the enchantment of Food on Wheels.

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